I am a curious, creative and open-minded person. I have been living abroad since two thousand and seven, time when I have experienced different studies, jobs and cultural landscapes.

I have been working as Visual Merchandising for retail for the past nine years (Brazil/UK/Netherlands). The latest four, aside from work, I have been following a Bachelor Degree in Fashion and Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.
Prior to this study, I did my Foundation course into applied Communications and Advertising back home - Curitiba, Brazil.
I recently concluded a six-month internship at the e-commerce marketing department of Tommy Hilfiger Europe and I am due to present my graduation project.

Practically, I am looking for a marketing/merchandising/content position within ecommerce.
I would like to further develop my branding/merchandising skills within a dynamic environment, where creative insights are challenged by commercial and market realities. I believe creativity alone may lose its relevance when isn’t constantly challenged by the business.

I am passionate about what I do. I am looking for inspiring employers and hard-working colleagues, in a place where I could further develop my creative yet commercial skills and ultimately, have a good time.